Audio guitar tuner

Posted 22 April 2019 in Case studies

Graham *, a keen guitar player, was unable to use an electronic guitar tuner because of vision problems. With a standard electronic tuner you pluck a string and a row of LEDs lights up to indicate if it is above or below the correct note. He needed something that would convert this visual display into an audio signal to show the correct tuning.

Fortunately, this was a job that had come up in Remap before. We started with this project as the basis for the solution. It uses an off the shelf guitar tuner which is modified by connecting it to a small Arduino computer. The Arduino can detect the state of each LED in the display. A specially written program converts the visual signals into a series of bleeps played through an earpiece. These indicate if the note is too high or too low and the amount of adjustment required.

The new device is working well and Graham likes how easy it is keep the instrument in tune.

* Name changed for privacy.

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